Strathearn Distillery is Scotland’s original craft spirits distillery being founded in 2013 by Tony Reeman-Clark. It is the forerunner of the new wave of distilleries currently opening in Scotland. We had some very humble beginnings, which first meant finding a suitable site. We found this in a converted farm steading at Bachilton, just outside Methven, between Crieff and the historic whisky town of Perth. We are in deepest Perthshire, surrounded by the beautiful Strathearn countryside, tucked away in our own little corner of Scotland.

Strathearn Distillery

The distillery took shape during 2013, notably with the arrival of our two stills from Hoga. Portugal, one 1000L and other 500L. By October 2013 we were up and running with our first new make Scotch whisky spirit and gins coming off the stills. By 2016, which had introduced rum distillation to our repertoire. Yes, true craft spirits distillation in it’s purest form. We’re proud of where we’ve come from and where we are now, we look to the future with such positivity, to ensure we bring new and interesting craft spirits to the market for people to experience and enjoy.

Tony Reeman-Clark

Hand Crafted

Craft is a term that is banded around all to often these days. At Strathearn we believe that we do embody what a craft spirits distillery is all about. We have a complete focus on the careful, hand-crafting of spirits from distillation through to bottling.

We carry our barley by hand into the distillery. We have a hand operated mash tun, one of only a few in Scotland. We add our yeast by hand to ferment our wash. Then distillation is done in a slow and very deliberate way with our cut points determined by taste, not by alcohol strength (we have no spirits safe). We fill our casks by hand and leave them to mature in our warehouse until the time is right for us to hand bottle on our own bottling line.

Yes, our spirits are truly hand-crafted, and we believe that all the passion and skill that goes into the making of our spirits comes through in the smoothness and intense flavour. 

Strathearn Distillery is all about distilling the highest quality spirits with an innovative approach to create truly outstanding products hand-crafted with passion, skill and pride.

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Visitor Experience

We have plans a foot to develop our Visitor Experience at Strathearn. However, right now, because we are so busy, and our distillery so small, it’s not possible to offer tours.